A Drug-free Choice


The art of Reflexology presents a logical and drug-free solution
to many physical aches and pains.


With the approaching fall weather, it is important to target the lymphatic system to ensure you maintain a healthy immune system. Since the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems are closely allied, it is not surprising that every area that is worked on the feet indirectly helps the lymphatic system.

Reflexology clears the lymph vessels and nodes keeping them free of obstruction and inflammation thus allowing the immune system to do its important job of fighting disease.  Everyone has experienced a swollen throat or tonsils which are the most notable of these nodes.


Where there is a blockage, there is pain, inflammation or disease. But the good news is that you can do something about it!


Clear those pathways and relax at the same time with a quiet soothing hour of Foot Reflexology.


Deborah Berg

Licensed Reflexologist