At Akasha we enjoy our customers, the energy they bring and the sense of community they provide. We would love to hear from you about how Akasha has improved your life.

Exercise for spiritual transformation

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-Rob Beaderstadt

“I am a man in my 60s, who has had numerous surgeries to shoulders, knees and ankle. Despite following PT, I had had only partial recovery due to the extent of injury damage. Until I began Akasha Yoga Center. I immediately had results recovering strength, flexibility and balance. Regular attendance maintains body movements and relaxes the daily stresses. Each instructor is knowledgeable, pleasant and professional. I encourage everyone I know to experience Akasha Yoga.”

-Stephanie Franco, YTT 200, Mom, Wife, Businesswoman

“I can’t believe it has been close to 7 years since I found Akasha. I went looking for a place to do Yoga, because I knew I desperately needed it and was very fortunate to find this wonderful group of teachers. The sense of community and friendship is amazing. And I have met others that have become my friends and that I had the opportunity to learn from while in the first Yoga Teacher Training offered by Akasha. Friends and family ask me why I do Yoga, and I say jokingly, “because it keeps me healthy and sane!”, but it really is the truth!”

-Anthony Reynolds

“I’ve found that yoga has really helped alleviate the back and neck pain that seemed to go hand-in-hand with sitting at a computer all day every day. It’s also helped to significantly develop my strength and flexibility, and has proven to be a great way to let go of stress. The friendly classes at Akasha are both challenging and relaxing, and the instructors are fun and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!”

-John O’Fallon

Yoga has literally changed my life. For years, I lived with low back pain that not only caused near-constant discomfort, but made it difficult to work and kept me from doing many things I enjoyed. Yoga at Akasha didn’t just help, it completely eliminated my back pain, and the rest of my body feels better (and younger!), too. I recommend Akasha every chance I get.

-Cindy Sullivan, M.S.

With age comes wrinkles and hopefully wisdom. Akasha helps me to connect with my inner wisdom and the wisdom of others. My yoga practice continues to grow and as does my wellness and ability to connect breath with movement and life. The teacher training program has introduced me to new ways of thinking and living. Truly, the wrinkles don’t matter!

-Kettisha Hernandez Stamp

I love Akasha! I joined about a year ago and truly love yoga! The instructors are caring and supportive. I look forward to each class and wish I could attend a class everyday. Yoga has given me a sense of clam and is a great stress reliever. I grateful to have found Akasha!

-Jennifer Crossman

Becoming a member at Akasha has been the best thing I ever did! I signed up last summer and since then I have become such a better mother, person, spouse and have a new appreciation for the art of Yoga. I feel so energized and calmed when I leave. No matter what happened that day that stressed me out I feel a total sense of calmness when I leave. On top of all the calmness I also have seen huge physical changes in my body that I have not gotten from any other form of exercise. I just love it!!!! Each teacher there has a different teaching style and each one is great!

-Jayne Rogers

Akasha is a gift you give to yourself. A warm, gentle ambiance, friendly folks, and inspiring teaching. It’s the opportunity to discover what your mind and body are capable of.. and it’s surprising, in the most wonderful way!

-Kirstin Snelton

I recently joined Akasha as I was looking to build strength. Instead, it has become a way of life for me. I love my Sunday morning class. It’s the perfect way to start my week. It’s truly a caring community of individuals and has brought me much needed peace. Thank you, Akasha, for welcoming me so openly!

-Valerie Belvedere

Akasha and all the wonderful teachers have helped me honor myself. They opened my eyes and instructed me how to open my heart & soul to listen to my body and find the inner peace I so needed. My energy level is increased my stress level decreased and my overall happiness beams. Thank you Akasha for helping me to achieve my goals. Namaste

-Michelle Jacobs

Akasha is my sanctuary. I always feel so much better about myself and others when I leave. The classes are energizing and calming at the same time. Thank-you Akasha!!!

-Max Parks

Simply put: Every time I leave Akasha I feel wonderful….on so many levels. It’s a journey you didn’t know you needed.. and the journey will last a lifetime…if you let it.

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