We are happy to connect with you online!  ***Here are our current offerings:


Tuesday April 7 –  4 PM – Jennifer – (prayer and meditation) – YouTube (free)


Wednesday April 8 –  7 AM – Kelly (level 1-2)

4 PM  (level 1-2) with Jennifer


Thursday April 9 – 11 AM – Angel  (move & restore)

7 PM – Laura (level 1-2)


Friday April 10 – 10 AM – Kelly (all level)

11:30 – Jennifer – (meditation) – YouTube (free)


Saturday April 11 – 9 AM – Becky (flow & yin)


Sunday April 12 (EASTER) – 10 AM – Jennifer (gentle movement, prayer and meditation) – YouTube (free)


Monday April 13 – 7 AM – Ilyse (all level)

7 PM – Kelly (all level)


Sunday April 19 – 8 AM – Ilyse (all level)

9:30 AM – Char (pranayama & meditation)


***All classes are on ZOOM unless otherwise indicated.  Members please check your email for links to the ZOOM classes, guests may click here to drop in.  Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.***


We offer a range of classes to accommodate your schedule. Whether you’re a beginner or  more advanced student, eager to be challenged or in a “light and easy” mood, we’re here seven days a week to welcome you to class. If you are new to Akasha feel free to fill out the registration form for your first visit.

Akasha’s other offerings

  • For more information on Tai Chi with Evie click here
  • We are excited to continue to offer Yoga for Every Body on a new day and time! – This class is perfect for those who need a little assistance. For more information please click here


Class Schedule


Time Level Class Instructor
9:30-10:45am 2-3 Hatha w/ Challenge pose Jennifer
11:15-12:15pm*         *session dates 1 Yoga for Everybody Krista & Cindy
5:30-6:30pm 1 Hatha Kelly

*session dates
2 Tai Chi Evie

2 Hatha Kelly



Time Level Class Instructor
8:00-9:15am 2 Hatha Becky
9:30-10:45am 1 Hatha w/ Yin Becky
6:30-7:45pm 2-3 Hatha w/Challenge Pose Angel



Time Level Class Instructor
8:00-9:15am 2-3 Hatha Jennifer
9:30-10:45 1 Hatha Cindy
11:15-12:15pm*        *session dates 1 Yoga for Everybody Krista & Cindy
5:30-6:30pm 1 Hatha Jennifer
7:00-8:15pm 1-2 Hatha w/Yoga Nidra Ilyse



Time Level Class Instructor
9:30-10:45am 1-2 Hatha w/ Yin Becky
11:00-12:00pm 1 Hatha Angel
6:30-7:45 2-3 Hatha w/Challenge Pose Becky



Time Level Class Instructor
8:00-9:00am 1 Hatha Laura
9:30-10:45am 2-3 Hatha w/Challenge Pose Laura
5:30-6:45pm 1 Hatha w/Restorative Emilie




Time Level Class Instructor
8:00-9:15am 3 Hatha Jennifer
9:30-10:45am 2 Hatha Jennifer
11:00-12:00pm 1 Hatha Jennifer
12:30-1:30pm*                  *session dates  2 Tai Chi Evie




Time Level Class Instructor
8:00-9:00am 3 Flow Emilie
9:30-10:45am 2 Hatha w/Meditation Angel
11:00-12:00pm 1 Hatha w/Restorative Char


Class levels

Level 1 classes focus on the basics of alignment, vinyasa (breath synchronized movement), and breathing techniques (pranayama), to help students build a strong foundation both physically and mentally. These classes are ideal for the beginner or for anyone who enjoys working on the fundamental aspects of yoga practice.

Level 2 classes will assume some working knowledge of the basic poses. There will be more of an emphasis on linking the poses in the sequence, and practicing holds, variations, and breathing techniques that challenge the student to go deeper. Students are expected to work at his or her own pace to get the most out of her practice and know the limits and needs of her body.

Level 3 classes are geared towards teachers and experienced practitioners. Poses can be held longer or moved into and out of more quickly. Inverted poses, arm balances and more advanced backbends will likely be explored. Students are expected to know when to back off and when to push forward in these classes. Level 3 students should have at least one year of consistent practice and be in good health.


Class Descriptions

Yoga For Everybody (chair yoga)-A gentle practice suitable for anyone -build strength, gain mobility, connect to breath while safely supported.  This is a session class, for more information please click here

Hatha-A yoga system of physical exercises and breathing control

Flow—A faster pace, continuous movement that synchronizes with the breath

Meditation—A 15-minute formal meditation at end of class

Private yoga—Please call for appointment for any level

Restorative—Gentle poses are held for extended periods to promote relaxation

Tai Chi—Is a slow, low-impact dance-like movements balance mind, body and spirit. This is a session class, for more information please click here 

Yin—A slower practice with longer holds for deep release

Yoga Nidra—A guided visualization to aid in extreme relaxation to support deep sleep


*Classes and instructors are subject to change.