Fabulous February

February is a special time at Akasha as we celebrate 11 years!! Thank you for the continued support throughout the years. Here are some of the ways we wish to give back.   Member Referrals Referrals are placed in a basket when you share a friend/family member with us. At the end of the month we [...]

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!! We would like to continue to make your life less stressful. Come and indulge yourself into the wonderful world of yoga, tai chi, meditation and peace!   Benefits to an on-going practice   More peaceful disposition Strengthens the spine Develops core Sharpens the mind   Membership advantages Unlimited yoga & tai chi [...]

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Relax in December

Hello everyone, The holidays can be a busy crazy time but not here in the stress free zone of Akasha. Our members provide a wonderful community that supports the journey of peace, happiness and contentment! Benefits to an on-going practice Reduced stress for your mind/body Strengthens spine with poses like cobra and locust Happier and [...]

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How to reduce stress for the holidays

Hello everyone,   All of our classes are designed to create a well-balanced individual but when you are not able to get to a class here are some things you can do in your personal practice.    Digestion - Twists are always good to aid in digestion along with drinking ginger tea!   Nervous System [...]

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Grateful November

We are grateful this November for our customers, our center, the programs and events that allow us to share what we know and grow in amazing ways! Referrals are placed in a basket when you share a friend/family member with us. Then at the end of the month we draw a winner. Each month you [...]

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Where the Hip and Cool People Are!!!!

Hello Everyone, We want you to come to yoga and/or tai chi without any stress! Hip people have busy lives and do their best to get to a class. Here are some ways we make it easier for you: 25 classes to choose from 7 days a week 5 evenings a week Easy breezy membership [...]

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October is here!!!!

October brings change with the leaves, cooler temperatures and a time for reflection. A great place to reflect is at our studio with the all of the wonderful classes and events we hold here!!   Run & Roll with the Dole - Akasha will be out at the Dole to support Lucky Brake Bikes for [...]

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September Membership Special!!!!!!

Hello current members & members to be,   We wanted to let you know that the entire month of September you can join Akasha for 1/2 off first month. Come in anytime and here is how it looks. Start anytime (we can pro-rate you anytime) First full month is 1/2 off Minimum sign-up time is 2 [...]

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September is Spectacular

School has started we are getting back to routines and self care. Here are some ways to help you re-balance this month.     September Membership Special - This month we will be offering 1/2 off membership for your first full month at Akasha. This is a great way to take care of yourself!!   Labor Day [...]

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Wrist Troubles?

Do you have trouble in yoga classes because of your wrists or being on your hands? A nice alternative is to practice Tai Chi. Tai Chi is done on your feet and a another great way to build strength, mental clarity as well as loosen tight muscles. Come participate with Evie in her Monday night [...]

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