Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit
Let me try to explain why Yoga classes make us feel so good. The definition of yoga means “to yoke” creating a union. That is what we are doing in our classes is joining the mind, body and spirit. This joining or linking allows us to feel whole again as if we were somewhat broken. I will break it down for you.

The mind can be the most difficult to link because we are in a constant loop of the same thoughts or vrttis (patterns). So in our yoga classes we may have you chant or count or coordinate the breath with the movement to create the union. You can also learn the names of the poses which also help sharpen the mind. These things help us to get out of the thought patterns in our mind. They make the mind clearer. Yoga gives the mind a break from the same old things we think about daily and we feel calm even if it is only for a moment.

The body is what most people associate with when it comes to yoga. They think we tie everyone up in a pretzel and do crazy postures. If you have attended classes you will notice that it is not the case at least at Akasha but sometimes we try to some interesting and challenging poses. We really want you to tone and stretch the body to create more comfort in your own skin. The instructors sequence the classes properly to insure that you to feel more centered as well as strengthen the weak muscles and stretch the overused ones. After class you should relaxed, centered, empowered!

The spirit is an energy that inhabits the body. It connects us more deeply to ourselves our highest power our divine energy. We strengthen the awareness of spirit by connecting to our own breath-work. When we breathe more deeply we can go more easily into the direction of our dreams. Yoga helps us to calm down a bit to hear the spirit more clearly without all the noise and distractions. As the distractions subside we can then move more easily to do exactly what our spirit would like us to do without pressure of others. We are then able to feel more connected, less broken and more at peace.

In our yoga classes we do our best to bring a class to you so that your body feels more comfortable, your mind clearer and the spirit more peaceful. We do our best to create a union with your mind~body~spirit in hopes of feeling whole.

Om shanti shanti shant