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Our Akasha community helps you to deepen your awareness through poses, meditation, sound vibration healing and various other empowering retreats and events. Come and explore these engaging and delightful ways to connect to your mind, body and spirit.

Summer YOGA Retreat

Retreat Info – Join Scott and Jennifer on this retreat designed to teach about the subtle body. You will learn about koshas, chakras, and enjoy four asana classes that connect you to the teaching of yoga. There will be a shamanic relaxation technique to aid in your savasana experience at the end of the retreat that will ignite your light within.

Speaker: Teacher Scott and Jennifer Ewert


Fri Aug 19 from 7-9pm
Sat Aug 20 from 9am-6pm (2hr lunch-break)
Sun Aug 21 from 9am-1pm

What to bring:

A friend, mat, blankets, blocks & any other props you enjoy.

Level of event:

This is an all-level retreat and all are welcome!

Early Bird:

Pay $400
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