In celebration of Easter Akasha will be closed Sunday April 16th.

Akasha offers a range of classes to accommodate most schedules. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced student, eager to be challenged or in a “light and easy” mood, we’re here seven days a week to welcome you to class. If you are new to Akasha feel free to fill out the registration form for your first visit.


Time Class Instructor
10:00-11:15am All-Level w/challenge pose Jennifer
5:30-6:30pm Light & Easy Sally
5:45-6:45pm Tai Chi Evie *Session Info
7:00-8:15pm All Level Kelly



Time Class Instructor
11:00-12:15pm All-Level w/Yin pose Jenny
5:30-6:30pm Flow Jenny
7:00-8:15pm All-Level w/challenge pose Jennifer



Time Class Instructor
8:00-9:15am All-Level Jennifer
5:30-6:30pm Beginner Jennifer
7:00-8:15pm All-Level w/Yoga Nidra Emilie



Time Class Instructor
9:30-10:30am Yin Jenny
11:00-12:15pm All-Level Jenny
7:00-8:15pm All-Level w/challenge pose Becky



Time Class Instructor
10:00-11:15pm All-Level w/challenge pose Laura
12:30-1:15pm All-Level Lunchtime Whitney*Session Info
5:30-6:45pm Light & Easy w/Restorative Emilie



Time Class Instructor
8:00-9:15am Challenge Jennifer
9:30-10:45am All-Level Jennifer
11:00-12:00pm Beginners Jennifer
12:30-1:30pm Tai Chi Evie *Session Info



Time Class Instructor
8:00-9:00am Flow Laura
9:15-10:45am All-Level w/meditation Laura
11:00-12:00pm Yin Emilie


Class Descriptions

All-Level—A moderately paced class. It is suited for those with some kind of yoga knowledge.

Beginner—An exploration of pose fundamentals, yoga basics and relaxation. Questions welcome!

Challenge—Yoga experience required to deepen your awareness of poses, breath work and more.

Flow—A faster pace, continuous movement; poses flow from one to the next, synchronized with the breath.

Light & Easy—A slower pace with gentle poses.

*Lunchtime—This class is during the midday to fit inside your work schedule. This is a session class, for more information please click the Session Info link.

Meditation—A 15-minute formal meditation at end of class.

Private yoga—Any level. Please call for appointment.

Restorative—Gentle poses are held for extended periods to promote flexibility.

*Tai Chi—Is a slow, low-impact dance-like movements balance mind, body and spirit. This is a session class, for more information please click the Session Info link.

Yin—A slow-paced, meditative practice of long holds.

Yoga Nidra—A 15-minute guided visualization to aid in extreme relaxation to support deep sleep.

Yoga 101—This is a class to learn about the basics, get more detailed information and ask questions.

Classes and instructors are subject to change.