Our Akasha community helps you to deepen your awareness through poses, meditation, sound vibration healing and various other empowering events. Come and explore these engaging and delightful ways to connect to your mind, body and spirit!

PLTMM April 17Event: Peaceful Living Through Mindful Meditation
Speaker: Andy Momaya

Date: Saturdays October 7,14, 21 and 28
from 1:30-3 PM
Cost: Members $20 per class/$60 for 4 classes

Guests $30 per class/$80 for 4 classes
To Register:
Click here or call (815) 356-7089
About: Using simple text, thought-provoking illustrations, and group discussions, these workshops will help you de-stress, understand your body, discover infinite bliss within & around you and realize your true self.

GongSymbolEvent: Gong Meditation
Speaker: Mark Placzkowski 

Date: Friday October 27
from 7-8:30 PM
Cost: Members $15

Guests $20
To Register:
Click here or call (815) 356-7089
Experience the varying frequencies of sound as they wash over you much like waves of the ocean. When properly played the gong creates waves of sound that can carry you into a deeply meditative state. The brain reaches theta and delta frequencies where we access our deeper subconscious & superconscious.